Why Choose Organic Cotton?

We have all known for many years that babies’ skins are much more sensitive than adults and therefore it only seems natural to want to dress our babies in soft and comfortable fabrics which we know have not been treated with any nasty chemicals or pesticides.

With that in mind and at the heart of everything we do, we aim to provide stylish day wear pieces like Tops, T-Shirts and Jackets, alongside Sleep Suits, Playsuits, Bodysuits, which are the items that have maximum contact with your babies’ skin. We are also proud to have recently launched our super stylish Denim range and Baby Bags.

Our Environment Matters

We care about passing on a beautiful world to the next generation and as our organic clothes have never have to come into contact with all the harmful chemicals that are normally used in harvesting cotton they are also a great choice for the environment we live in.

Water conserved – Our organic cotton fabrics can use less than 2% of the water used when producing conventional cotton.

Emissions avoided – As organic cotton doesn’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, emissions are much lower than conventional cotton.
Pesticides avoided – Agriculture of organic cotton avoids the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals keeping our air, soil and water clean.

Organic cotton is considered to be one of the most sustainable fibres for textile production; 
it’s both natural and renewable whilst avoiding harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers.  
The production of organic cotton uses methods and materials that have a low impact on our environment; 
resulting in less soil and water contamination, less use of irrigated water, less green house gases and is GMO free. 
Also the cotton farmers benefit from an improved standard of living. 

Organic cotton garments are better for the environment, better for textile workers, better for farmers and better for you.

There are also other key benefits to buying organic clothes beyond the reassurance that they never came into contact with pesticides or chemicals.

As babies clothing never stays clean for long it is important to also choose a durable fabric, once washed non-organic cotton fiber naturally begins to break down. This fiber breakage can begin as soon as the ten – twentieth wash with non-organic cotton, unlike organic cotton which can last up to five times longer, meaning it won’t begin to break down until the hundredth wash. Baby clothes get washed and reused much more frequently than our own clothes so this fiber breakage can become a big cost issue.

In the long term organic cotton can work out much cheaper due to its longevity, and of course also keeps baby looking and feeling good for longer. For us this makes it the perfect choice.

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